A warm hello to you all from Ahmedabad.

Thank you for your continued support of Alpavirama. After five successful editions, we are honoured to be hosting the 6th Alpavirama International Youth Film Festival from 7-12 November 2022.

This year we are taking some new initiatives such as F30/30, Audiophile, Vertical Film Contest, and CineBazaar at Alpavirama to create a space for sharing and cultivating films for a diverse group of young filmmakers from across the world.

Cine Bazar is a platform for current students and recent graduates (under 30 years of age) to pitch their ideas/projects for funding and acquisition/sale. Help us connect with people/organisations who might be interested in funding our Graduation Project and independent films of our recent graduates.

This year we already have some sponsors to cover part of the expenditure. However, we take pride that Alpavirama cash awards have been given from the contribution received from Alumni. This year's number of awards and cash prizes has also been increased to encourage young filmmakers. Plus, we will offer Alpavirama Project Development Grant/Award for the best proposal received from our students/alumni. In this regard, we seek your kind contribution towards the 6th edition of Alpavirama towards these cash awards in different categories. Please contribute to making this edition a success. For those who might not be able to contribute in cash for some reason, at least fill up the form so that we can build a comprehensive database of alumni.

Do share this within your networks, as we are open to contributions from friends of Alpavirama beyond the NID community.

Please spread the word about Alpavirama and the Cine Bazar and help us connect with relevant people.

Please support us in making Alapvirama a world-class International Film Festival to encourage, engage and empower young filmmakers.

To contribute money towards supporting young filmmakers, please use this link

A big thank you.